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Club Discounts

Reduced entry into all club competitions, Event held and a reduction on Range Balls (Digital Cards only).

Full Membership Benefits

Golf Membership at On Par opens the door to a wonderful world of golf, practice facilities and a friendly and functional clubhouse with bar and restaurant as well as a lively events calendar.

Full Course Access

Unlimited Golf - 7 days a week. Come play a round whenever you please. You are Required to Sign in Prior to your Round.


A handicap can be provided after you have handed in 3 scorecards, played with another member or in a Golf competition at the club.


Discount into Competitions, Events and on Digi-Cards (driving range).

The Atrium Club Discount

Discounted Silver Membership with one of our Sponsors The Atrium Club (£10 off Silver Membership).

Handicap Information
Please note the following:

(i) The handicap offered may only be used at Ely on Par and in associated competitions; and

(ii) The handicap is not an “official handicap” and therefore has no connection to either England Golf or the World Handicap System.

If you aren’t familiar with The Atrium Club, it’s situated centrally in this picturesque Fenland. Ely’s Atrium health & fitness club is the best fitness club in the area. Offering state-of the-art pieces of gym equipment, superb large and airy fitness studio with a heated swimming pool , sauna, steam with full spa facilities.

Member Pricing

Prices below are for the upcoming Membership year 2022, forms for joining for 2022 will be available from March. Membership runs annually from April 1st to March 31st.

Full Adult Membership
Student Membership
16 - 18 Year olds

- ID must be shown

Junior Membership

Up to 15 Years old

Joint Membership
Joint Membership
Two Adults

-Partners & Married Couples.


Terms and conditions of your membership and terms and conditions of using On Par Golf Driving Range Ltd Facilities.

1 Introduction
1.1 Your agreement is with us, On Par Golf Driving Range Ltd limited by guarantee with us and replace any previous terms and conditions. Your membership agreement with us is made up of:

  • 2.1 your completed and signed membership agreement form.

1.3 These documents together form a legal, binding agreement between you and us, so please make sure that you read them carefully and understand them. If you have any questions, please ask a member of our team at any centre.
1.4 You, and all your guests to our clubs, must comply with and agree to the rules and regulations that apply at the club you and your guests are using (the terms of centre use).
1.5 Our memberships are full . In these terms and conditions, monthly means every calendar month. A full calendar month starts on the first day of the calendar month and finishes at the end of the last day of that calendar month. When we refer to month in these terms and conditions, we mean a full calendar month.

2 Starting your agreement
2.1 Your agreement commences on the start date set out on your membership agreement form.

2.3 If you paid your membership in full.

3 Types of membership
3.1 We offer various types of membership to persons aged 16 or over.
3.2 The club facilities available to you will be shown on your membership agreement form.
3.3 We offer the following the types of membership at our club– please check with the club you wish to join for further information:

  • 3.1 Junior – this entitles a child up to the age of 15, to always have full use of the golf course. Will receive a discount on the Digi-cards for the driving range and other discounts in the clubhouse.
  • 3.2 Student – this entitles a person between the ages of 16 – 18, to always have full use of the golf course. Will receive a discount on the Digi-cards for the driving range and other discounts in the clubhouse. Proof of age and being a student will be required. If you are unable to provide proof, you will be denied the student membership.
    • If you are a student who is over the age of 18, you must speak to a member of staff.
  • 3.3 Joint – this entitles a couple of adults that are partners or married, to always have full use of the golf course. Will receive a discount on the Digi-cards for the driving range and other discounts in the clubhouse. Proof of will be required. If you are unable to provide proof, you will be denied the joint membership.
    • If it is found you have lied about your relationship, both members involved will lose their membership.
  • 3.4 Adults – this entitles a person over the age of 16, who isn’t a student, to always have full use of the golf course. Will receive a discount on the Digi-cards for the driving range and other discounts in the clubhouse. Proof of age and being a student will be required. If you are unable to provide proof, you will be denied the student membership.

4 Our right to cancel or freeze your membership
4.1 We may cancel your membership at any time by giving you one month’s notice in writing. In these circumstances, we will not refund you the fee that you have paid for that month, and any fees you have paid for future months
4.2 We may freeze your membership at any time or cancel your membership without giving you notice, if:

  • 2.1 You seriously or repeatedly break the conditions of your membership; or
  • 2.3 You allow another person to use your membership card to gain access to any of our centres (unless you have notified us in writing in advance that your membership card has been lost or stolen); or
  • 2.4 If you and/or any of your guests use offensive, abusive or discriminatory language or use or threaten violent, offensive, or intimidating behaviour or conduct at any of our centres, or if your behaviour or conduct does or, in our reasonable opinion may, put our employees and/or other members and/or guests at risk; or
  • 2.5 You and/or any guest(s) do or attempt to provide, offer, engage in, advertise or promote, whether or not for payment or other reward, at any of our centres or other facilities any activities or services which do or may compete in any way with any activities or services provided, offered, engaged in, advertised or promoted by us or our authorised personnel, including but not limited to personal training or other training, coaching or instruction to any individual or group.

4.3 If we cancel your membership under section 4.1 or 4.2, we will not allow you to join again in the future and you will not be allowed to enter.
4.4 If we receive official notice (for example, from the executors of your Will or from your bank) that you have died, we will immediately cancel your membership.

5 Our right to refuse prospective members
5.1 Membership is at the sole discretion of our management. We do not have to state or provide you with reasons for refusal of membership.
5.2 We may, at any time, refuse to permit you to become a member, or terminate your membership if you are already a member, if we have reason to believe that your behaviour or conduct does or will, or in our reasonable opinion may, put our employees and or/members and/or guests at risk.

6 Events beyond our reasonable control
6.1 Reasons or events beyond our reasonable control could include, for example, but are not limited to natural disasters, government actions, war, national or regional emergency, acts of terrorism, protests, riot, fire, explosion, flood, an epidemic and strikes or other labour disputes (not relating to our workforce).


7 Proof
7.1 We may need you to provide proof, which is satisfactory to us, of:

  • 1.1 Your eligibility for a specific type of membership, before your membership starts.

7.2 If you cannot provide satisfactory proof, for example you cannot prove the date of postage of your cancellation notice, we will not be able to cancel your membership and your membership may continue unless and until you do provide us with a proper and effective cancellation notice.
7.3 If you cannot provide satisfactory proof of your eligibility for a particular membership, we will not accept your membership..
19.4 We will require a photograph to be taken as proof of identity and to be held against your membership record to validate entry.
7.5 We will request photographic evidence at your time of joining, to validate your identity.

8 Your contact details
8.1 We will send all letters, emails, communications and information to the address and other contact details you have given us on your membership agreement form. You must keep us up to date with any changes to your address or other details by filling in an administration form at your home centre.
8.2 If at any point we find that you have provided us with an incorrect name, address or other details which are not your own, we may cancel your membership.

9 Membership cards
9.1 We will give you, a membership card. You must bring your membership card with you each time you visit. If you forget your membership card, we may ask to see a second form of identification which is acceptable to us before we allow you to enter any of our golf course.

9.1.1 You must sign in every time you use the Golf Couse, failure to do so could result in freezing/ cancelling membership.

9.2 If you have lost your membership card, you will need to obtain a replacement membership card. There may be a charge for the replacement card.

10 Queries
10.1 If you have any queries about these terms and conditions, payments or specific details to do with On Par , please speak to Member of staff or email
10.2 If you have lost your membership card, you will need to buy a replacement membership card.

11 Liability
11.4 We will not pay you compensation if we have failed to carry out our duties due to:

  • 4.1 Your own fault;
  • 4.2 The fault of someone else who is outside of our control or who is not connected with providing our services under these terms and conditions; or
  • 4.3 Events outside of our control or which we could not have known about prior to their occurrence even if we had taken all reasonable care.
    • We can make changes to the type of facilities we provide, and we will give you notice (where possible we will provide reasonable advance notice) of any such changes. We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by these changes.
      6 We cannot accept liability for theft or for loss or damage to you or your guest’s property in the facilities or the car park. It is your responsibility to ensure that your valuables are kept secure. Wherever possible, you should avoid bringing in valuables or large amounts of cash into the facility.
    • On Par Golf Driving Range Ltd cannot accept responsibility for accidents, injury, or misadventure.
    • Players are responsible for their own insurance arrangements in respect of any injuries / damage caused to them or caused by them to a third party.

12 Weather Conditions
12.1 In the event of adverse weather conditions, the Course Manager will make the final decision regarding the availability of the course. If the course is deemed to be unplayable then if players decide to go out they will not receive a refund or a credit for another day/time.

13 Course Rules and Etiquette
13.1 The rules of golf must be adhered to at all times.

13.2 Groups must not consist of more than 4 players, each with their own clubs.

13.1.1 If you are seen in larger groups or Sharing Clubs you will be asked to leave the course and not receive a refund. (For Members, you will get a written warning. If you receive 3 warnings your membership may be cancelled).

13.3 Help maintain the quality of the course by repairing pitch marks divots and raking bunkers.

13.4 Local rules on Scorecard.

13.5 Greens staff have priority when working on the course.